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10 inch Cartridge for 3-8th inch tubing

inline 10 inch cartridge for 3/8th inch tubing

In-Line Water Filter Cartridge

Price: £19.95


Push fit connectors for 3/8 inch tube


5,700 Litres cartridge life


For Taste and Odour, Chlorine and Sediments,

286mm long x 50mm diameter.

For tubes 3/8" (a smidgeon less than 10mm) in to and out of your existing filter.

This replaces your existing filter and has simple push-fit tube connectors.

Do you need a mounting bracket? If yes, please go to 'ACCESSORIES & Spares' after putting your filter in your shopping 'Cart'

This is an Activated Carbon cartridge for taste and odour,chlorine, sediments, Volatile Organic Chemicals (eg pesticides, herbicides), Chloramines, Trihalomethanes (carcinogenic chlorine disinfection byproducts).Cartridge life is 5,700 litres.


Hard Water? No Problem - you need the hard water variant which is the same as the Standard cartridge but also has hexametaphosphate (HMP) hardness reduction media. Please select the AC-HMP option at a small extra cost of £5.00 each in the dropdown menu next to 'Add To Cart'.

Hard Water cartridge life 5,110 litres.

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at the extra cost elsewhere - please see "Cart" after you have made your choice.

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